Where Health Meets Taste: Opening the World of Raw Organic Honey

Raw organic honey is the treasure trove of sweetness and assorted benefits. It has the tendencies to treat your body and virtues to add culinary flavours to your food. It is the purest form of honey derived in the most sustainable way.

What is Raw Organic honey?

Raw honey is the purest form of honey that does not go through much processing. It is deprived of any adulteration and mixing. When combined with organic methods of production (safe bee keeping and environment friendly practices), this comes out to be the healthiest and the most sustainable version of honey.

Distinguishing characteristics of raw organic honey

  1. Unprocessed: Raw organic honey does not go through much processing or heating processes which helps in preserving its natural enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are heat sensitive.
  2. Different colours and flavours: The colours and flavours of raw organic honey solely depend on the flowers it is derived from. It can range from light to dark and robust to tangy.
  3. Crystallization: Raw organic honey tends to granulate and show crystals over time. However, this does not mean that the honey is spoiled. It can be warmed slightly to get it back on the same formulation.
  4. Rich aroma: The floral and herbal scents are more dominant in raw organic honey than in processed honey.
  5. Nutrient content: Raw organic honey is rich in enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins (C and B), and minerals (calcium, magnesium). These nutrients are healthy for the gut and the skin.
  6. No synthetic additives: Raw organic honey is produced without synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals that help in retaining its purity. Also, the end product is more natural and eco friendly.
  7. Variety: Depending on the region, climate, and various seasons, the variety and taste of raw organic honey tends to differ. It offers the most tantalizing local flavours.

Where to find your dollop of raw organic honey in India?

India is a land of ayurvedic herbs grown in varied climates. Honey Flo, taking these environmental factors to its advantage, produces the most scrumptious and healthiest flavours of raw organic honey. Sourced from trusted apiaries, these different flavours of honey are ethically made without much processing. Also, all these flavours are available online for an easy journey through sweetness.