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What is Honey?
Honey is an impure and supersaturated sugar solution – a natural, original, sweetener. Its unique (though variable) combination of components makes honey a prized addition to the diet. It has been used in food for at least 6000 yrs, mostly as a sweet source for much of the world’s population. Honey is the only food that will not spoil. This is due to its low moisture content. Bacteria cannot survive in a medium with such a high osmotic pressure.

Did you know?
Honey is hygroscopic and absorbs water from the atmosphere if its not stored in a well-sealed container.

Honey through History
In ancient Egypt honey was used as a gift for kings. It was Hippocrates’ favourite medicine, and it was also valued by Pythagoras, who was convinced that he would have died 40 yrs earlier if he hadn’t consumed all the honey he did. The Holy Bible also contains several references to honey.

A Note of Caution:
Always be sure not to feed any honey to babies and toddlers less than 3 years old, or immune compromised individuals. Because it is a raw, natural product, it can contain bacteria that small children and immune compromised people can't process.

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