Discovering India’s Naturally Cultivated Honey

Honey, the golden elixir, is the most sought after natural product that offers endless benefits. From adding delectable flavours in our dishes to aiding in treating various health issues, the virtues are extensive. But not all honey is the same. The addition of chemical additives tends to overpower its natural goodness. So, it becomes our prime responsibility to look for organic honey whilst making a purchase.

How is organic honey different from normal honey?

Organic honey, unlike normal honey, is produced while keeping in mind certain regulated criteria or standards. The use of synthetic pesticides or antibiotics is strictly prohibited in the production of organic honey. Although organic honey and normal honey may taste the same, but honey produced organically features more care towards the bees and their biodiversity. Also, following sustainable agricultural practices is at the heart of organic honey production.

How to ensure that you are buying organic honey?

While some may not be considerate of the practices that go behind producing that perfect batch of luscious honey, there are many who take responsibility of the environment at large. You may want to:

  1. Check the labels: Always read the label as it will clearly mention whether the honey is organically made or not. It is necessary for such producers to own the government certifications that validate their organic produce.
  2. Inspect the website: In the modern world, internet holds all the power. You can easily scroll through the producer’s website and find out about their sourcing of honey. This will enlighten you about the production practices used by them.
  3. Read the customer reviews: While scrolling through the website, you can easily go through the reviews and ratings left by the existing or previous customers. This is your chance to build a fare repute about the business and its honey.

Where to find organic honey in India?

It may have been a difficult task in the past to find scrumptious and organic honey. But, the world of internet has added a vast variety to your advantage. However, you need to be extra cautions since the chances of fraud have also increased many folds.

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